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To discover “where you fit best in serving God,” it is important for you to look at your God-given spiritual gifts, your personality, and your leadership style. Combined they create the passion that drives you. Without passion you lack the motivation necessary to succeed in life. We have developed this analysis to give you a handle on each of these key areas of life. You will receive a detailed report on each area plus a list of ministries that may suit you best. (Note: These are suggestions based on your results. You may find other places of ministry where you may fit well in your church and community.)

  1. The Spiritual Gifts Analysis. You may have already taken the free Team Ministry Spiritual Gifts Analysis. In most cases we are able to capture those results and you will not be required to take the gifts analysis again to complete the Serving God Where You Fit Best evaluation. When completed the gifts analysis gives you a bar graph showing your strengths in the nine ministry gifts, plus a four- to five-page report that gives you an in-depth evaluation of your top two dominant gifts.

  2. The L-E-A-D Personality Inventory. Your personality plays a role in who you are and how you relate to and serve others. Here you’ll be able to evaluate the characteristics of your personality in light of the four personality types.

  3. The Leadership/Management Inventory. In one capacity or another, in business, ministry, or family, we all lead and manage. This inventory will help you identify your leadership/management style with a comparison chart and a detailed compilation of the strengths and weaknesses of that style.

  4. Personal Ministry Finder. After the above evaluations have been completed, the information will be compiled, evaluated, and an array of suggested ministries that are most suitable to you will be selected for your personal evaluation. Each ministry will list its requirements, function, and responsibilities so you’ll be able to fulfill that God-given passion in you.

  5. Summary report. On top of being able to print out the individual reports when completed, you’ll receive a summary page recapping your gifts, personality, leadership/management style, and suggested ministries where you may be most effective and efficient while serving God.

You don’t have to finish the evaluation all at once. We’ll keep your data on file for the next fourteen days. Return to it any time during that period. To begin this exciting evaluation and discover where you fit best serving God continue to the registration page.

Spiritual-Gift-Based Ministry
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