Giving Giving

The Greek word "metadidomi" means to give over, to share, to give to, to impart. As a giver you have the Spirit-given capacity and desire to serve God by giving of your material resources, far beyond the tithe, to further the work of God. You have a strong desire to meet the financial needs of your fellow Christians and church members.

As a giver you probably feel that the best way you can give of yourself is to give of your material gain for the work of God. You give without public recognition and usually do not want people to know who you are nor how much is given. You disapprove of anyone who gives for the wrong motive. Your motive is to further the work of God and meet real needs, not to show off or get something in return.

You are usually well organized, keep to yourself, have an accurate self-image, are interested in helping people, and are conscientious and self-disciplined. You may also have the ability to make money. You are sensitive to the financial and material needs of others, alert to needs others overlook, ready to give, want your gift to be high quality, make quick decisions concerning finances, want to ensure your gift is used properly, and may have a burden for missions. Chances are your spouse has the gift of giving too.

Be careful not to measure other Christians' spirituality by the amount of their giving or their success by the amount of their material assets. Realize that though God has called everyone to give, He has not called everyone to give as you do. You are sometimes misunderstood as being materialistic because of your emphasis on money. Some people think you try to control them with your money and may be jealous of you.

Beware of Satan's attack on your gift. He can cause pride because of the amount you give, blindness to spiritual needs and qualities and to other areas of service, and discontent when decisions are made contrary to your interests. Do not develop a critical attitude of those who are not able to give. Make sure you have the right motives for giving and serving Christ. Don't mistake your burden for giving to missions as a call to the mission field. Don't neglect to give to the necessity of other Christians (as challenged in Romans 12:13) by giving only to church projects. Remember you can still give even if it is not tax deductible.

How can you use this gift?

Your gift is welcome anywhere large or small amounts of money are needed. You can serve as a member of a finance or budget committee or a missions or building committee. You may make a good trustee. You would serve well as a member of a school board or commission. You would do great service as a poverty, rescue mission, or migrant mission committee member. You could sponsor or underwrite special projects, radio, or TV ministries. Always be aware and willing to meet needs of an individual apart from programs. In this sense, you could serve on a benevolence committee or give to support such a ministry. You may want to support a men's or women's ministry, a shelter for the temporarily unemployed and homeless or the abused, or contribute to children who do not have parents.

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