Prophecy Prophecy

That does not mean you are supposed to have visions of the future. It means you are a "forthteller," telling or "speaking forth" the mind of God: boldly preaching, speaking, and teaching God's Word. You are very discerning; one who points out sin with the goal of making people aware of sin in their lives so they will repent. A prophet in full-time Christian service may be a preacher, often traveling to churches, evangelistic events, and on missions trips. You have the Spirit-given capacity and desire to serve God by proclaiming His truth.

As a prophet you have an ability to see that which is wrong. In fact, you tend to easily spot what is wrong and have to look to find something right. You probably spend much time praying and even weeping over the sins of the church and for those who have yet to accept Christ. You have a great burden over the sinful condition of the world around you. Because of this, you take every opportunity to proclaim that everyone must repent or perish.

You have a strong sense of duty and are very opinionated, impatient, and likely more depressed or serious than lighthearted about life. You enjoy being alone, but would rather be in a group than relate to people one-on-one. You desire to speak publicly. You are able to make quick decisions and want things done right. You do not like in-depth study. You are likely hard-working, devoted, able to discern people\'s motives and character, and willing to stand up for what is right.

Other people may think you are demanding, that you enjoy hurting people\'s feelings, and that you have no understanding. One of your greatest challenges is to keep a spirit of love. Remember to "speak the truth in love" (Eph. 4:15) and not to be judgmental. If you keep a tender, loving heart, you will be a blessing in your home, church, and to individuals. You can make a real impact on their spirituality. Be careful to let the Holy Spirit convict people, rather than trying to convict them yourself. Work on being positive, patient, and tactful.

Beware of Satan's attack on your gift. He may try to cause a lack of compassion and forgiveness, bring discouragement because of unrepentant attitudes by others, entice you to fall into the very sins you speak against or cause pride and self-righteousness over lack of certain sins.

How can you use this gift?

There are several avenues in which to carry out the gift of prophecy. Revival speaking is certainly a fitting ministry. You can pastor well IF you have a secondary gift of pastor/shepherd. You are a great help in problem-solving for a church with a sin problem. You could also serve in teaching on Gospel teams, in prison ministry, in migrant ministry, and in counseling to help bring awareness of sin in a person's life. You could speak at conferences and retreats. You would serve well as one who promotes causes you believe in, stands up for those who have been wronged, teaches God's Word, provides counsel to others. Depending on your secondary most dominant gift and your abilities, you may serve as one who initiates action, plans events, leads an evangelism or missions team, acts as a mediator to get to the points and come up with a plan of action, counsels those who have fallen away and need help getting on track, helps raise funds and speaks for humanitarian organizations, or works as an advocate for children or victims of crimes, as a committee member for ministry planning, as a prayer and accountability partner, or as a Bible teacher.

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